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Roof Top Tents (or RTT) are a great option for overlanding, and weekend camping. They are ready to go when you are.  Rooftop tents first became popular in Austrailia, but they are quickly gaining momentum in the U.S.  A rooftop tent gets you off the ground, away from insects, rodents, and other creatures you might not want as roommates.   A rooftop tent mounts to a roof rack or luggage rack, and provides quick and easy setup in minutes.  

Winding Roads

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A rooftop tent allows you expanded possibilities of where you can set up a tent.  You don't have to worry about finding flat, level ground, or clearing a space of rocks to set up your tent.    Get a late start, and you're on the road and start to get tired?  No problem, simply pull off the road, pop open the tent and get some rest.  Roof top tents give you the freedom to camp places you might not be able to with a traditional tent   Because it is mounted to your vehicle, a RTT allows you to set up in places where you might not otherwise be able to, such as a RV lot, a highway rest stop, a Walmart parking lot, etc. Granted, more likely than not, these aren't your first choices in camping, but sometimes they might be necessary.  But what about a nice spot along a trail you've been driving?  Or arriving late in a traditional campgroud.  no worries with a rooftop tent!


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Roof Top Tent FAQs

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