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At 4x4-Gear, we're like you.  We like the outdoors.  We love to go off road, and we love to travel, to see all the amazing places and things this world has to offer.   We are fortunate to be based in Utah where we've got some pretty great things to see, and places to do go off-roading.  We want to share our experiences with you.   We're constantly looking for cool products and ways to improve our off road experience, make our rigs perform better, as well as be fun and unique.  We also like to play around, so you'll also find some cool toys we like.   


We’re committed to finding quality products, that you will enjoy, make your experiences better.  

With humble beginnings in 2005, 4x4-Gear has become the place to go to find great off-road gear, and great information,   What started out as a hobby has become our passion. We’re proud to have created a generation of friends and associates and look forward to continuing our work for years to come!

We want to be the place you think of when you are looking for recovery gear, lighting, Overlanding gear, and Just about everything you need for your 4x4 off-roading and overlanding adventures.  So if you are looking for great pricing on Jeep, Land Rover, or Toyota parts and  accessories for your vehicle, you've come to the right place. We aren't looking to just sell you some great gear at great prices, we're looking to build long term relationships.

Our mission is to be your trusted source by providing the best value on the 4x4 gear you need.  As well as a few things you might not need, but are fun to have ;^)

Plus, if you like Deals on gear, we often have sales going on.  Or if you want to make sure you are getting the best price, we  send out frequent discounts, coupon codes and sales information via our email list.  (though not too frequent, as we also know how annoying that can be. )  Of course, if there isn't a sale going on, you can always drop us a line and ask, sometimes we may have a sale or discount comming up that hasn't started yet, and we may be able to save you some money, It's worth asking, right?  

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