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to ARB Manifold Install Kit 5mm

to ARB Manifold Install Kit 5mm

SKU: ARB-2010-5-GNJC

If you want to use a or other air system other than an ARB compressor to run your ARB's with the ARB electric switches, then you'll need this kit. We tap unique ports into this custom aluminum manifold to mount the ARB solenoid valves together. We also include the proper safety pressure release valve (150 psi), a pressure gauge, and all of the fittings and hardware to give you a clean and comfortable hook-up.

All you need to provide is the locker, itself, and the parts that come with the lockers. We use this ARB Kit to run both the front and rear ARBs off of a PT10 using ARB's dash switches in our first-gen 4Runner. It's clean and comfortable to hook up.

The pictures below show the use of red braided, but the ARB blue line with our included compression fittings works just as well. The instructions are easy to follow, and electrical hook-up is a breeze.

Note: ARB has recently switched from a 5mm airline to a 6mm airline. Please check which size airline your ARB kit to ensure a proper fit with the components.

  • 5mm fittings