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Tire Inflator Heavy Duty 160 PSI 2 Foot Braided Hose Whip Click On Chuck

Tire Inflator Heavy Duty 160 PSI 2 Foot Braided Hose Whip Click On Chuck


Tire Inflator Heavy Duty 160 PSI 24 Inch Braided Hose Whip Click On Chuck from . Our TIG 8170 0-160 PSI tire inflator comes with a liquid filled gauge for longer life and more accuracy and is priced for a more cost sensitive towman.
It's the perfect tire inflator if you have tire pressures above 50 PSI and you can access all of the tire stems with the included clip-on chuck. This inflator features an easy to read 2.5 inch diameter Liquid filled dial gauge with rubber shock boot gauge protection.

The advantages to a liquid filled gauge are longer life, shock resistance, and higher accuracy. Other features of this inflator are a tough 24 inch braided hose whip and a European style clip on chuck which a has a 90 degress elbow. this allows easy access to stems pointing towards 4x4 hubs or large hub caps.
The body is a high flow design with an ergonomic thumb trigger and a side pressure release button.This tool even works as a tire pressure gauge by itself.

We spec only the more expensive European style clip-on chucks because they are easier to use and work the Best especially at higher tire pressures. What makes Tire Inflators better than others? They are made to withstand higher inlet pressures without leaking as our s may push over 300 PSI into them.
That means special lube, o rings, pistons, and gauges. And don't forget the limited lifetime warranty. If you like the European clip-on chuck but have a limited need for a dual head chuck check out tire inflator TIG-8166 and get the Best of both worlds.

  • 160 PSI heavy duty
  • 2.5 Inch gauge
  • Liquid filled analog gauge
  • 24 Inch braided hose
  • Ergonomic thumb trigger
  • Click on chuck
  • 90 degree elbow
  • Rubber shock boot gauge protection
  • Hose Size

    2 Foot
  • Brand

    Power Tank
  • Brand

    Power Tank
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