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Propane Tank Bracket 11 Lb Worthington 2.5 Gallon 9 Inch Diameter

Propane Tank Bracket 11 Lb Worthington 2.5 Gallon 9 Inch Diameter


Propane Tank Bracket 11 Lb Worthington 2.6 Gallon 9 Inch Diameter from . This bracket fits the 11 Lb Worthington propane tank, the 11 Lb Flame King propane tank, the 10 lbManchester propane tank, and the 4.25 Lb Worthingtonpropane tank.Use this propane tank holder to mount a tankto your vehicle or trailer.

The frame is made of sturdy stainless steel with rubber trim and bumpers at all major contact areas of the tank. The strap is stainless steel and features an adjustable quick release latch. All rivets are stainless steel for a sure, corrosion-free connection. The inside of the strap is lined with a rubber/cork padding to protect your tank. The latch does allow a lock to secure your tank from theft.

Tig welds support the base to the side walls for rigid support. Carry your propane on the roughest of trails with this well-engineered bracket. The optional ABC roll bar clamps (ABC-2460, ABC-2465) makemounting easy.


  • Propane tanks are not included
  • 11 Lb Worthington 2.6 Gallon (p/n 28116)
  • 10 Lb Manchester 2.5 Gallon (p/n 10228.4)
  • 11 Lb Flame King 2.6 Gallon (p/n YSN011)
  • 4.25 Lb Worthington 1 Gallon (p/n 281149)
  • 9 Inch Diameter
  • Stainless steel strap
  • Stainless Steel Frame
  • Color

  • Finish

  • Brand

    Power Tank
  • Brand

    Power Tank
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