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MAXTRAX Trailer Skid

MAXTRAX Trailer Skid


Ever gotten your camper trailer stuck while off-road?

The MAXTRAX Trailer Skid is designed to make recovering whatever you're towing a safe, quick and easy task. To use, if both your vehicle and trailer are stuck, unhook your trailer and get your vehicle unstuck. Once on firm ground, secure the jockey wheel into the MAXTRAX trailer skid. From there you can either tow the trailer out using a tow strap, or winch it out.
  • Can be used with or without a jockey wheel
  • Tow or winch your trailer or boat to firm ground
  • Doubles as a support platform for the jockey wheel when parked on soft ground. Keeps the jockey wheel from sinking into the ground
  • Go further when off-road with the confidence in your ability to self-recover
  • Australian made and designed
See it in action here Color : Orange. Please note, actual color of the trailer skid may vary slightly from the images shown Shipping : Ships from Arizona, please provide a physical shipping address, we cannot ship to PO Boxes.  
  • Length(in)

  • Width(in)

  • Height(in)

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