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MAXTRAX Hitch 50

MAXTRAX Hitch 50

The MAXTRAX Hitch 50 is the first recovery hitch designed to work exclusively with soft shackles. Soft shackles have proven to be safer than their metal counterparts, and the Hitch 50 is the perfect pairing for hitch based recoveries. Traditional recovery hitches cannot be used with soft shackles as the harsh edges would significantly damage the shackle.�The Hitch 50 is designed with a specific curved radius to ensure even weight distribution across the soft shackle, ensuring no damage to the shackle. Another advantage of the Hitch 50 is the ability to complete a hitch pull from multiple angles. With a working load limit of 19,400lbs, the Hitch 50 is designed to be the strongest part of your recovery.
 Each hitch includes a unique, traceable serial number and has been individually x-rayed for defects. The MAXTRAX Hitch 50 is made from ultra strong, precision CNC machined 6061 billet Aluminum, with an anodized finish to protect against corrosion.

Specs and Features

  • Designed exclusively for use with soft shackles; will not allow for fitment of steel shackles.
  • Precision CNC machined from 6061 billet Alumnimum.
  • Anodised finish for corrosion protection.
  • WLL: 19,400 lbs
  • Destructive Test Break Load: 97,003 lbs
  • Allows multidirectional pull in both vertical and horizontal axis
  • Fits standard 50mm / 2 inch tow hitch receivers
  • Australian designed, engineered and tested
  • Backed by a comprehensive Quality Assurance Program, each hitch is individually x-rayed for inclusions.
Hitch in box Read more about the Hitch 50 from Adventure Curated
  • Length(in)

  • Width(in)

  • Height(in)

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