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CO2 Tank 15 Lb Track Pack Package A 250 PSI Regulator Candy Red

CO2 Tank 15 Lb Track Pack Package A 250 PSI Regulator Candy Red

SKU: TP15-5340-CR-GNJC

CO2 Tank 15 Lb Track Pack Package A from . If you want 50 percent more volume over the 10 Lb system, yet you still want an easily carriable air system, then the smart thing to do is get the 15 Lb size.

The cost to fill a 15 Lb is virtually the same as the 10 LB, the total additional weight is only 9 lb. 38 lb. full, and the cost difference is just 30 Dollars. If you have the room 30 inch tall and you don't mind the added weight then get the 15 Lb size.

Of course this system comes with the SuperFlow HP250i regulator , the new Power Grip Guard, the new 30 foot HP-1100 high pressure low temp. hose, the padded nylon Speed Bag, and the tank boot.
New! Customize your with one of our new billet aluminum tank knobs. These go on top of your bottle and replace the black plastic knob which comes standard. Multiple color options:

  • Available Colors: Gloss Black, Candy Blue, Candy Red
  • Available Regulators: HP250i - 250psi Regulator, XP400 - 400psi Regulator
  • Available Hoses: 30 foot Super Flex Coiled Hose, 30 foot Ultra Flex Coiled Hose


  • 15 lb. Track Pack Package A
  • HP250i Regulator
  • Power Grip Guard
  • Armorcoat Tank - Candy Red
  • Chrome Valve
  • 30 Foot Superflex Braided Hose
  • Coupler Fittings
  • Ball Chuck
  • Speed Bag
  • Tank Boot
  • Color

    Candy Red
  • Finish

  • Hose Size

    30 Foot
  • Brand

    Power Tank
  • Brand

    Power Tank
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