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Maximizing the rear cargo space in the Power Tank JLU

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

Living with a Jeep Wrangler is all about maximizing interior space to make sure you're bringing all the essentials on your adventures. One of the easiest ways to do this is to install a storage shelf to utilize vertical space and keep your gear neatly organized. Unfortunately, most storage shelves mount to the rear Sports Bar which is the most common mounting location for Power Tanks. We have a Vector Offroad Cargo Basket in the back of our 4 Door JLU and found two places to mount a 10 lb Power Tank. First is to simply mount it on the Cargo Basket. We used the Super Bracket standard in all Power Tank Packages as a template to drill some additional holes. From there, we added 3/8" stainless steel hardware to secure it down. Click to expand any of the below images to see rough dimensions and fitment.

To make this mount more usable, we added a snorkel tube to the inside which allows the Power Tank to be used horizontally, without needing to remove it from the bracket. We also added a Stiffy Coupler Extension to the regulator, again, to increase usability while it's mounted. When it's in the Jeep, the regulator is turned 180 degrees from its normal position so the hose sticks out toward the back of the Jeep. This allows the Power Grip Guard Handle to still offer protection to the regulator. If you decide to hang your Power Tank underneath the Cargo Basket, you will need to strengthen your Super Bracket with the use of additional COMP Straps. They are t-bolt style clamps that can support the full weight of your Power Tank whereas the single quick-release latch is not designed to support any weight and will fail when hanging your Power Tank. The COMP Straps also work for 15 lb Power Tanks and a separate COMP Bracket is available for 20 lb Power Tanks. A great feature of the Vector Cargo Basket is the fact that the height is adjustable. At it's highest position, we can mount a second Power Tank underneath it using our Behind the Seat (BTS) Bracket. The image below shows three Power Tanks mounted in the back of a JLU, one on either side using a BTS mount as well as one mounted to the Cargo Basket. Using the BTS Bracket gives us even more storage options as it has a PALS cutout to allow the attachment of MOLLE bags and accessories on top. We also have a BTS Bag that slots beneath the bracket which holds our tire air up accessories. The BTS Bracket and BTS Bag are also compatible with Jeep JKUs. With our Power Tanks hard mounted and our Engel Fridge on a custom slide, we can fill the remaining space in the back of our Jeep with soft bags carrying our tools and camping gear. X Cargo Gama Storage Bags fill out the corners of our hard top for quick access to frequently used tools like our Master Blaster Blow Gun Kit and our Power Tank hose.

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