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CO2 Bottle Power Trigger 2 W/Hose

CO2 Bottle Power Trigger 2 W/Hose


CO2 Bottle Power Trigger 2 W/Hose from . Here is just the Trigger regulator. Fits any paintball 323 PIN VALVE CO2 bottle. The regulator includes a 1 foot steel braided hose with chuck installed at the end.

This regulator will Not work with on/off valve. Features: aluminum machined body, anodized aluminum trigger. This raw power of this baby is capable of reseating a motorcycle or UTV tire back on the bead.

  • Power Trigger Regulator
  • Hose and chuck
  • No bottle included

The Trigger 2 regulator fits all CO2 bottles with standard paintball pin valves.

  • Finish

  • Hose Size

    1 Foot
  • Brand

    Power Tank
  • Brand

    Power Tank
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