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15 Lb Floor Bracket Package A

15 Lb Floor Bracket Package A

SKU: FB15-5340-GNJC

CO2 Tank Floor Bracket Package A from . The Floor Bracket Package A is a great starter air system for the construction market, fence builder, maintenance worker, or anyone who needs a self-contained ready-to-use air source.

The light aluminum Floor Bracket holds the CO2 tank at the perfect angle to expel vapor yet provide a super low center of gravity for maximum stability.

A is a great replacement for an air compressor because:

  • It doesn't require electricity meaning you don't need to run power lines
  • It runs silently increasing the safety of the work area
  • It is more portable which means you can place it exactly where you need to work instead of running long air lines from a central location

A single 15 Lb has the usable energy equivalent of 600 gallons of compressed air at 150 psi.That translates to (1320) 16d framing nails or (9000) 18 ga finishing nails before needing a refill. Refill it at a fire extinguisher service shop or welding supply shop for about $20.

This Package A includes the Floor Bracket, a30 foot braided SuperFlex hose, the hose fittings, our 0-250 PSI SuperFlow HP250i regulator, the Power Grip regulator guard, a 15 Lb capacity aluminum CO2 tank with protective boot, and a regulator cover.

Note:The ultra flex straight hose shown in the picture is discontinued. The straight hose option will be a 30 foot Super Flex hose made of a nylon weave sandwiched between a high durometer Durathane material.

NEW!Customize your with one of our new billet aluminum tank knobs. These go on top of your bottle and replace the black plastic knob which comes standard. Multiple color options:

Available Colors: Gloss Black, Candy Blue, Candy Red

Available Regulators: HP250i - 250psi Regulator, XP400 - 400psi Regulator

Available Hoses: 30' Super Flex Coiled Hose, 30' Ultra Flex Coiled Hose

Height from floor:

  • 15 Lb with handle - 21 inches


  • Floor Bracket
  • 30Foot Braided SuperFlex Hose
  • Fittings
  • 250 PSI SuperFlow Regulator
  • Power Grip Regulator Guard
  • 15 Lb Capacity Aluminum CO2 Tank
  • Protective Boot
  • Regulator Cover
  • Dual head tire air chuck
  • Finish

  • Hose Size

    30 Foot
  • Brand

    Power Tank
  • Brand

    Power Tank
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